Rehabilitation Medicine

Rehabilitation and physiotherapy offers vital medical support to patients on their journey back from ill-health. These often life-changing services offer multidisciplinary support in patient recovery for those who have been adversely impacted by illness, injury and disease.

Specialists in Rehabilitation

At Ara Damansara Medical Centre we’re committed to supporting our patients through the entirety of their healthcare journey . Our dedicated rehabilitation and physiotherapy specialists are here to help you through your recovery, employing their extensive knowledge and best practice to ensure your journey back to good health is supported by exceptional clinical care. With a range of outstanding multidisciplinary healthcare professionals utilising the most innovative techniques and cutting-edge technologies, we’re proud to offer some of the best physiotherapist and rehabilitation specialists in Malaysia.

Our Doctors

Datin Paduka Dr Tunku Nor Taayah Bt Tunku Zubir

Consultant Rehabilitation Medicine Physician
Rehabilitation Medicine