International Patients

Exceptional care with understanding

At Ara Damansara Medical Centre we recognise that offering exceptional healthcare means responding to a patient as an individual. That dedication to personalised patient care is vital when it comes to meeting the needs of our international patients.

Understanding often complex health conditions can be challenging. We know that receiving your healthcare in an international setting can add to that challenge. That’s why at Ara Damansara Medical Centre, we have a dedicated team here to help.

We are committed to ensuring your care is delivered to the standard of comfort and compassion. Our International Care Team will work with you through your entire patient journey, helping you understand the care you receive, and ensuring that care is delivered with the exceptional quality expected of Ara Damansara Medical Centre.

Pioneering clinical practice

Ara Damansara Medical Centre is widely recognised for its pioneering clinical practice, and in turn so is Ara Damansara Medical Centre. We are proud to be at the forefront of delivering outstanding private healthcare in the region. We employ some of the most advanced medical technologies and leading specialists in Asia for a range of multi-disciplinary indications.

Ara Damansara Medical Centre is renowned for delivering safe and effective care, providing both world-class private healthcare for expats and outstanding services to valued international patients from around the globe.

Our dedicated International Care Team

Our International Care Team is committed to offering comprehensive assistance to patients from around the world, such as by helping to arrange accommodation or offering local knowledge to make your stay with us more comfortable. Our range of international patient services includes:

Appointment Booking
Interpreter Services
Medical Referral
Assistance on Admission & Discharge
Financial Counselling & Cost Estimation

You can contact our International Care Team in Malaysia

Our Patient Care Unit (PCU) serves as the first point of contact for international patients seeking care at our Hospitals.


+6035 6391212

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