Driving Precision with the New SOMATOM Drive CT Scanner

Subang Jaya Medical Centre (SJMC) is proud to introduce the latest technology in Computed Tomography Scanners – the SOMATOM Drive CT Scanner by SIEMENS Healthineers.

It is the first of its kind not only in Malaysia, but in the whole of Southeast Asia, equipped with Dual Source technology and a Tin Filter. What that means for our patients is faster scanning time and a significantly lower dose of radiation!

It is designed to enable SJMC’s healthcare professionals to provide reliable diagnostic imaging across all clinical disciplines as well as a new heightened quality of patient care.SJMC can now provide state-of-the-art CT imaging, remaining true to our mission to deliver the latest technology and best quality of care to our patients.

State-of-the-Art Technology for State-of-the-Art Care.

» Ultra low radiation dose due to its Tin Filter.

The Tin Filter filters out the negative radiation and only allows what is necessary to perform the scan effectively, therefore reducing a significant amount of radiation. This means minimal risk to the patients.

For example,

– Heart Scan at lowest achievable dose of just 25 CXR (standard average: 250 CXR)

– Lung Cancer Screening at just 2.5 CXR* (standard average: 125 CXR)

– Calcium Scoring for Coronary Screening at just 2 CXR* (standard average: 8 CXR)

*This is less than the radiation dose absorbed by an air traveler (due to cosmic radiation) journeying from KL to London, which is 3CXR!

» Extremely fast scanning due to Dual Source technology.

Dual Source technology allows us to reduce the scanning time by half. This results in an exceptionally swift procedure, which is therefore more comfortable for our patients, providing them a better experience during the scan.

» High diagnostic accuracy.

Along with being a super-fast scanner, the SOMATOM Drive also provides pristine images for higher diagnostic accuracy. The scanner’s rotational speed is 0.28 seconds, enabling the radiologist to get a clearer reading.

SJMC’s Clinical Head of Radiology Dr Alex Tang says, “A good quality diagnosis always depends on the quality of the scans.” A blurred or low quality image will definitely mask any present abnormalities and reduce the chances of detecting said abnormalities especially in early detection of certain diseases, such as lung cancer.

The SOMATOM Drive: Efficacy in Detecting Early Stage Lung Cancer

As World Cancer Day took place earlier this month, on the 4th of February, it is apt to mention that the healthcare professionals of SJMC note the SOMATOM Drive’s effectiveness at early detection of lung cancer which, according to Dr Anand Sachithanandan (Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon at SJMC), has a relatively high mortality rate because it is often detected too late. He says, “In Malaysia, at initial presentation and diagnosis of lung cancer, only 3% of people are in stage one and 7% in stage two. The remaining 90% of lung cancer patients were diagnosed in either stages three or four.”

The need for early detection of lung cancer cannot be stressed enough, and it is possible with the SOMATOM Drive CT Scanner.

As the only hospital in Asia to posses this technology currently, we at Subang Jaya Medical Centre will continue to utilize this invaluable tool for the care and benefit of our patients.

Join Our Dedicated Team as a Radiographer.

No matter how advanced the technology, every machine requires a skilled human to operate it. In the noble Radiography profession, one is expected to assess patients and their clinical requirements to apply appropriate radiography technique to produce high-quality CT and MRI images; take responsibility for radiation safety and magnet safety in the work area; ensure patients receive a radiation dose as low as reasonably possible; and provide support and reassurance to patients before and during the examination.

It is no simple feat and we are currently looking for driven and dedicated individuals to join us as a Radiographer (Permanent Night):

Job requirements:

– Diploma or Degree in Radiography or equivalent.

– Minimum 5 years clinical experience in large hospital.

– Sub-specialized in CT and MRI.

– Able to work independently.

– Able to work 5pm-12 midnight, Monday to Friday.

Interested applicants are encouraged to email their full resume with recent passport sized photo, current salary, expected salary and contact details to rsdh.recruitment@rsdhealth.com