Signing Ceremony Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Between 

PFA Malaysia With Ara Damansara Medical Center

Kuala Lumpur, 7th April 2023 - A memorandum of understanding (MoU) signing ceremony between the Professional Footballers Association of Malaysia (PFAM) and Ara Damansara Medical Center (ADMC) was held at Ara Damansara Medical Centre in Selangor. 

This Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is a PFAM initiative in helping professional football players to get proper and safe sports injury treatment through rehabilitation treatment. The objective of this collaboration is to create a comprehensive sports medicine and rehabilitation program that meets the unique needs of Malaysian soccer players, with a focus on injury prevention, optimal performance, and overall health and wellness. This collaboration aims to provide PFAM members with access to world-class medical care, advanced technology, and specialized training and support, while raising awareness of the importance of sports medicine and rehabilitation for athletes in Malaysia. 

In addition, the collaboration aims to develop joint initiatives and policies related to sports medicine and rehabilitation, promote research and innovation in this field, and improve the mental health and wellbeing of soccer players, especially for young and female players. 

According to PFAM President Safee Sali, "I am very happy with the collaborative relationship between PFAM and Ara Damansara Medical Center and I hope that this initiative can benefit professional football players throughout Malaysia." "Professional football players will be given the best treatment and rehabilitation quality at ADMC. Good luck to PFAM and ADMC.” he added again. 

PFAM Exco and National Women's Soccer Player, Steffi Sarge Kaur is also thrilled about this partnership between PFAM and ADMC. “As someone who is passionate about women's football, I'm especially excited to see the focus on the health and well-being of our women's players. This partnership will provide crucial support for our female athletes, and help us to achieve even greater success on the field. I can't wait to see what we can accomplish together. Thank you ADMC!” she said again. 

“ADMC offers the latest in sports injury treatment. Every injury doesn’t require a surgery. Many are treated conservatively by proper medication and rehabilitation. But for severe injuries that require surgery, our surgeons perform minimally invasive procedures that allows them to use modern technology and advanced surgical techniques. This type of surgery reduces the risk of complications and damage to surrounding muscle and tissue. Such procedures are considered to be safer and patients require less hospital time and less recovery time, said Miranda Harumal, Hospital CEO, Ara Damansara Medical Centre. “Our comprehensive Rehabcentric has customised performance programs that helps athletes build sport-specific skills that may help avoid injuries in the first place. ADMC Rehab team can guide and help athletes to be fit for their prolong career.” mentioned Miranda Harumal.


OIC TODAY (7.4.2023)