Ramsay revolutionizes orthopaedic surgery with robotic-arm technology


Ara Damansara Medical Centre (ADMC) a multidisciplinary hospital under the Ramsay Sime Darby Health Care (RSDH) is proud to make its breakthrough in orthopaedic surgery through the utilisation of a robotic-arm assisted technology for joint, knee and hip replacement procedures. This state-of-the-art technology represents a significant transformation for ADMC’s orthopaedic surgeries with enhanced precision, accuracy, and predictability, further solidifying the hospital’s commitment to providing the highest level of care in orthopaedics.

The robotic-arm assisted technology is set to transform joint replacement procedures by providing precision and customised implant alignment. This technology, utilising 3D imaging and a robotic arm, enables surgeons to develop personalised surgical plans for each patient and perform joint replacement surgeries with high accuracy. As a result, patient outcomes are improved, and surgeries become safer and more efficient.

Patients who opt for robotic-assisted joint replacement surgeries can anticipate reduced pain, accelerated recovery, and an enhanced quality of life. In complex case scenarios, a robotic-assisted knee replacement provides improved equilibrium in the soft tissues surrounding the knee, while also enhancing joint alignment.

As ADMC continues to push the boundaries of orthopaedic care, the adoption of the Robotic-Arm Assisted Technology will set a new benchmark for precision, personalisation, and patient satisfaction in joint, knee and hip replacement procedures, on par with other leading private hospitals in the region.


Healthcare Today (13/07/23)