Ara Medical Centre launches a two-prong Food Bank Initiative

23th July 2021 – After being quarantined with some form of COVID19 for a year and a half, ordinary Malaysians are exhausted. In the retail industry alone, more than 300,000 people were unemployed in the past 16 months, and 30% of stores were permanently closed.

In aid to assist Malaysians who are in need, Ara Damansara Medical Centre (ADMC) launched a two-prong Food Bank Initiative for the community surrounding the hospital and those passing by. 

The hospital has placed a large rack filled with rations just outside the main entrance for easy access. The rack filled with dry groceries is open to public by anytime between 9am – 9pm daily. 

In addition to this, the hospital also donated 150 ration packs to the residents of the PPRT in Lembah Subang. This CSR Programme for PPRT Lembah Subang residents was carried out on 23rd July at 10am. The Hospital CEO, Pn Miranda Harumal championed this initiative.

Funded by the senior management, hospital staff and consultants, this initiative is targeted to provide necessities to affected families within Ara Damansara / Subang / Subang Bestari / Sg Buloh, on a weekly basis that often need replenishing of basic groceries to tide by. “We have all come together to pull financial and goodwill resources to create this food bank to cater to the community in need surrounding the vicinity of the hospital’, said Miranda.

ADMC also welcomes any contribution of dry rations, such as rice, flour, cooking oil, instant noodles, salt, sugar, tea, canned food from those who wish to donate. Items can be dropped off to the hospital concierge team during the day between 9am and 5pm.