ADMC introduces Robotic-Arm Assisted Tech for orthopaedic procedures

Ara Damansara Medical Centre (ADMC), a renowned multidisciplinary hospital under Ramsay Sime Darby Health Care (RSDH), has achieved a groundbreaking milestone in orthopaedics with the implementation of Robotic-Arm Assisted Technology for joint, knee, and hip replacement procedures. This cutting-edge technology signifies a significant advancement in orthopaedic surgeries at ADMC, offering enhanced precision, accuracy, and predictability, and further strengthening the hospital’s commitment to delivering the highest level of care in the field.

The introduction of Robotic-Arm Assisted Technology is poised to revolutionize joint replacement procedures by providing unparalleled precision and customized implant alignment. By leveraging 3D imaging and a robotic arm, surgeons can now develop personalized surgical plans for each patient and execute joint replacement surgeries with exceptional accuracy. The outcomes of these procedures are significantly improved, making surgeries safer and more efficient.

Enhanced patient outcomes

Patients who choose robotic-assisted joint replacement surgeries can expect a multitude of benefits, including reduced pain, accelerated recovery, and an improved quality of life. In complex cases, robotic-assisted knee replacements offer improved equilibrium in the soft tissues surrounding the knee while enhancing joint alignment.

In addition to its breakthrough technology, ADMC stands out for its comprehensive and holistic approach to orthopaedic patient care. The hospital’s focus on minimally invasive procedures and innovative technologies has solidified its position as an industry leader in the orthopaedics field. ADMC’s orthopaedic services are delivered using state-of-the-art facilities, including AI and robotics rehabilitation, further emphasizing their commitment to cutting-edge care.

ADMC’s holistic care approach

Puan Miranda Harumal, Chief Executive Officer of ADMC, expressed the hospital’s dedication to providing holistic patient care that extends beyond surgical intervention. She highlighted the comprehensive guidance and support offered by ADMC.

“At ADMC, we firmly believe in providing holistic patient care that goes beyond surgical intervention. We offer comprehensive guidance and support, from pre-surgical consultations and medical assessments to post-surgical care. Our commitment extends to pain management, physical therapy and guidance to the patient’s family and caregivers, ensuring that our patients receive the utmost attention and care at every step of their journey,” commented Puan Miranda Harumal.

ADMC’s patient-centered approach is further complemented by their state-of-the-art “Rehabcentric” facility, which further enhances their orthopaedic care services. Through tailored rehabilitation programs designed to meet the unique needs of individuals, ADMC facilitates a swift recovery and ensures optimal clinical outcomes. The hospital’s efforts in this domain have been recognized with the prestigious Sports Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy Service Provider of the Year award at the GlobalHealth Asia-Pacific Awards 2023 (GHAPAC), marking a proud moment for ADMC.

By pushing the boundaries of orthopaedic care, ADMC aims to set a new benchmark for precision, personalization, and patient satisfaction in joint, knee, and hip replacement procedures, aligning with the standards of other leading private hospitals in the region. The adoption of Robotic-Arm Assisted Technology solidifies ADMC’s commitment to advancing patient care and reinforces its position as a pioneer in orthopaedic surgery. Patients can now anticipate an unprecedented level of precision and personalized care, enabling them to regain their mobility and improve their quality of life.


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